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When Travel Weekly published the first edition of Take Off in Travel in 2012, we couldn’t have dreamed about the positive reaction it would receive from students, lecturers, job seekers and travel and tourism companies.

Now in its fourth year, the publication continues to showcase the wealth of opportunities available in this great industry, with interviews with those taking their first steps right up to those running some of the UK’s biggest travel firms.

As always, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports Take Off in Travel, and in doing so demonstrates their own commitment to the future of the industry.

Travel association ABTA has supported the magazine from day one, and this year we are delighted that Stella UK, the company behind some incredibly successful travel brands, has come onboard as our headline sponsor.

I’ve been writing about the travel industry for more than 15 years, and a lot of the bosses I talk to now were new starters when I first began.

I hope this fourth edition of Take Off in Travel really inspires you to follow in their footsteps and become the leaders of this fantastic industry in the years ahead.

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Lucy Huxley, editor-in-chief, Travel Weekly